About Me

I am soon be hope to  retired from the work force. We( me and hubby) moved from MA. to KY. almost 8 years ago now. When we first came to KY. we  purchased an old beat up Amish farm and started making it "English". Well after 5 years it is finished and we sold it. However, I do miss the old farm every now and then. So for the fear of not wanting to be bored ... we purchased another farm, (BIGGER) and yes, you guessed it .... we are redoing this one as well.
I raise registered and purebred Cheviot sheep (White Sheep) and have a few fiber sheep such as Border Leicesters and Shetlands for my spinning. I am a lover of animals and the wide open space of the outside. I love to garden and can the food we eat. I also grow plenty of Sweet Annie, Okra, and Gourds for resale and my own use.
I love learning new and different crafts, and I have added spinning and weaving as well as rug hooking to my list. This year 2012, I really don't know what is in store for me ... I guess I'll just wait and see.